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Clean Juice Franchise Founders Buy Freecoat, Plan More

Landon and Kat Eckles, founders of Clean Juice, plan to roll out their new brand Freecoat and in time add more acquisitions.

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The founders of Clean Juice, Landon and Kat Eckles, have made their first acquisition, buying the non-toxic nail salon Freecoat Nails from its founder and planning a franchise rollout.

“It’s a $14 billion industry that’s been done very, very poorly,” said Landon Eckles, CEO. “You walk in and there’s a stench” from the chemicals in nail polish and related products, yet customers “go in on a biweekly basis. We feel we can really improve it.”

Added Kat Eckles, chief branding officer, “I think we can build a little better from the get-go,” both in systems and franchisee selection. When they began franchising Clean Juice in 2016, “we spent the first two years of franchising fixing everything,” Kat said, and now they’ll apply those lessons.

“Clean Juice took six months to get an FDD,” or franchise disclosure document, said Landon. “With this, it took 10 days.” 

The pair, backed by a family office and based in Charlotte, North Carolina, plan more acquisitions to build what they call a health and wellness company, adding to their U.S.D.A. certified organic Clean Juice brand. “Something we can get behind,” Landon said, such as an infrared sauna concept or a fitness brand. 

At least two other nail care franchises, Prose Nails and Frenchies Modern Nail Care, also tout non-toxic nail care and are ahead of Freecoat, which was called Mylkbar Eco Nails + Beauty and has two stores. Katie Shields is the founder of Mylkbar. 

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Clean Juice Franchise Founders Buy Freecoat, Plan More - Landon Eckles

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