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be organic podcast landon and kat eckles
Not just another wellness podcast

We develop opportunities for healthy lifestyles.

We’re Kat & Landon, the founders of freecoat nailsClean Juice and Strong in Spirit Brands and we’re the hosts of the Be Organic Podcast. Each week, we talk to holistic and wellness gurus and medical doctors to help our listeners understand what it means to live a healthy lifestyle. Each episode will leave you with wellness tips, clean living advice, and fundamental knowledge to becoming healthier in the body and stronger in spirit.

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Legal disclaimer: We are not doctors. While we absolutely love discussing wellness and nutrition with our expert guests, you should always consult with your physician or other medical professional before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. They can assess your specific needs and come up with a plan that works best for you. In addition, this is for educational purposes only. Clean Juice franchises are only offered with a Franchise Disclosure Document in compliance with various state and federal law.

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